Dynamik Design

Architecture Intern

May 2022 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

The team I worked with knows what they are doing and are very friendly and encouraging to one another and to new people on the team. They really wanted to help me learn and make sure I understood what I was doing

What I wish was different

I wish that they had given me more difficult tasks/sooner, but I just need to ask them myself for more challenging work. I also wish they would give me harder projects and more responsibility. I have friends my age designing buildings and in direct communication with the client. They (my team and the CEO) said I will not speak or be in the same room as a client until I basically have a job there.


If you want more responsibilities, make sure to speak up for yourself and let them know you can take on more. You might not be at this firm forever or even for that long, but take advantage of the opportunity you have and learn as much as you can from your teammates/co-workers so your resume will be stacked by the time you leave
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