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1. To be involved in the improvement and suport of manufacturing and process development
2. To develop new equipment and processes and troubleshoot it
3. To document all the details of the process development and modify it whenever any new component or a system has been designed
4. To assist customers in developing both extrusion and braided/coiled catheterprototypes
5. To create documentation for the prototypes which have been built and designed
6. To make requisitions for the requirements of tools and other specific components
7. To perform experiments, ensure its validity and operation by installing and running the extrusion and other catheter manufacturing equipment and process
8. Make decisions of raw materials for manufacturing process
9. Perform materials mechanical property tests of raw materials and final products
10. Troubleshoot polymer materials defect problems during the manufacturing process


Worked at an orthodontic manufacturing firm

June 2019 - August 2019 St. Louis, MO
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