Dunnigan Fire Protection District

About Dunnigan Fire Protection District

The Dunnigan Fire Protection District is an all-hazards fire department, providing high-quality fire protection, EMS, and other emergency services to the rural community of Dunnigan, California. DFPD is a combination department, employing paid staff, local volunteers, and out-of-district reserve firefighters to provide 24/7 emergency services, 365 days a year.

The community of Dunnigan sits along the I-5 corridor, forty miles north of Sacramento, and is home to approximately 1,400 permanent residents. Dunnigan is a major rest stop for commercial and recreational travelers as well as a key agricultural center for the region. As a result, DFPD is the busiest volunteer department in Yolo County, with firefighters responding to daily incidents ranging from medical emergencies to large wildland fires.


Reserve Firefighter

September 2019 Dunnigan, CA
“Working at DFPD was an excellent way to get experience in the fire service. My coworkers were young, hardworking, and eager to learn; a substantial portion went on to full-time career firefighter positions. I loved that we ran enough real-world calls to make the shifts worth it, but not so many where we didn't have time to train, exercise, and spend time together as a crew. This is a great job for a college student looking for meaningful work in a non-traditional setting.”
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