Drug Policy Alliance

Marketing assistant

July - August 2020 • New York City, NY

What I liked

Very important non profit! They offer carrers / jobs but they are very limited and most are full time. One of the largest foundations for helping to end the drug war and save million of lives. Not only this but they have a large amount of factual information regarding the war on drugs and how it has devistated millions.

What I wish was different

I would like to contribute more (if I had more time / resources) and would also like an actual paid position with them but from what I am aware of, there is nothing like this in Buffalo NY.


It was mostly utilizing email to get people involved. If you are interested in spreading the message and trying to make real change, there are other ways of doing so that I feel would be more effective. I am not big into social media and a position that helps people spread awareness would be better for someone who utilizes multiple social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, tictok etc
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