Drifting Sands Oceanfront Hotel

Housekeeping Cleaner

March - November 2020 • Ship Bottom, NJ

What I liked

I enjoy how welcoming the staff was and how adaptable this job is. You especially have to like cleaning and physical work.

What I wish was different

I wish the layout of the laundry situation was different. We all normally have to take our own towels and sheets for our own levels, which only turns into a hoarding problem. Then, we as the housekeepers are seen as lower than any other position here. I work/see these two maintenance guys a lot who do nothing but act higher power because they get payed more. So, if you are a strong individual who can put up with this and find the positives, then that’s all you can do when things remain the way they are


Most employees who come here for a few months decide to quit this stressful job. We have had already 5 people quit because of this hard work. However, you keeping this job and dealing with the running around, the long lists of rooms to clean daily, and again find the positives( like you move a lot during each day, get tips, feel better cleaning a messy room, talking to other housekeepers of all ages and languages who can relate and finding a pattern here), then you are set!
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