Drift Bike Share-LCNI

About Drift Bike Share-LCNI

Drift Cycle is a community bike share project in collaboration with LCNI. Drift is an integral part of the transportation network, offering an easy-to-use, affordable bike rental program for residents, commuters, and visitors that contributes to the health and vibrancy of the community.

This public bike sharing service currently provides 75 bikes located around the city at 15 designated docking locations sponsored by local businesses and institutions. Drift is a new transportation option with affordable memberships, free rides for new members, and the ability to rent up to 4 bikes at a time from one account, ideal for families and small groups.

Our partners goals are to encourage cycling through bike share, host events, provide education, and improve access and safety. Drift welcomes additional partners and community members interested in joining our efforts to provide the benefits of bike share.

The project is currently made possible thanks to all the contributions from the City of La Crosse, La Crosse County, Beer By Bike Brigade, La Crosse Neighborhoods Inc., Cleary Family, LHI (part of OptumServe), City of La Crosse Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, MAYO, UWL, Western Technical College, La Crosse MTU, Gundersen Health, Mayo, Chad Erickson Memorial, Myrick Park, Aging & Disability Resource Center, Explore La Crosse, La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce, La Crosse Area Development Corporation, and Downtown Mainstreet.

Special thanks to all the contributers to the La Crosse Bike Share Feasibility Study Environmental Assessment of 2015 for without which the launch of Drift Cycle would not have been possible.


Programming intern

January 2023 La Crosse, WI
“This internship has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experiences in a bunch of different areas. During the interview process you have the opportunity to discuss and figure out what you want to focus on throughout this experience. You learn a lot about customer service, managing social media, analyzing data and creating new programs and opportunities for the community. This internship really allows you to be creative and challenges you to take initiative and create new ideas for Drift Cycle. Also very flexible with scheduling hours and working around your school commitments. You will also get to network and create a lot of great connections in the community as well. I have really enjoyed working for Drift Cycle!”


September 2022 La Crosse, WI
“I really enjoyed working for Drift Cycle this semester. I went into it wanting to do a variety of different work and I was not disappointed. I started off with a lot of programing opportunities and student out reach. I also got to design my own special event programs. Later in the year I worked on data analysis along with updating the social medias and web page. If these things aren't what you are interested in, don't worry. The interview process is dedicated to finding out what you would like to contribute to Drift Cycle and the skill you would like to develop with them. I highly recommend. It was a fun experience and you will be leaving with some great references. ”
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