Door County Adventure Center

About Door County Adventure Center

Our mission is to provide professional adventure programming for individuals, groups, and teams of people that allows each guest to walk away with a greater understanding of who they are as an individual and as a leader. We aim to provide recreation opportunities that are fun, safe, and affordable which will include kayaking, zip lining, paddle-boarding, trips, and youth camps. With 4 beautiful locations throughout Door County, we are able to meet our customers' desires with a wide range of adventures to choose from.


Kayak and Zip Line Tour Guide

May 2022 - August 2022 Sturgeon Bay, WI
“My boss did a good job of standing up for/advocating for his employees and trusted us (especially those of us who were returning employees) to know our own limits and what we could and could not handle. He made sure to keep up-to-date with out training, issues, and do extra training days or one-on-one meetings to ensure we were on the same page and functioning at max efficiency. ”
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