Distinguished Young Women Foundation

Committee Member

March 2013 • Genesee, ID

What I liked

I loved learning so much so quickly, as I was involved in a wide spread of jobs for the program: • Coached and critiqued teenage girls in interview, public speaking, and self-image workshops. • Conceptualized appropriate themes and music selections for the program, and choreographed the routines for the competition. • Created and taught choreography for the participants of the subsequent Little Miss and Mr. GHS programs. • Organized a shoe drive that gathered 1,709 pairs of shoes to donate to the Dando Amor: Shoes for Love charity. • Featured on television and newspaper outlets and at public events to promote both Dando Amor and Distinguished Young Women.

What I wish was different

I honestly don’t think I’d change a thing. Sure, at times it can be stressful and there are moments where not everyone is on the same page, but that’s to be expected with any opportunity. Here, the pros outweigh the cons so extensively, that I don’t have anything to complain about.


My advice is throw yourself all-in. You don’t have to be in to dance or “pageants” to volunteer. Whatever your skill set, there’s something important for you to contribute. Volunteering for DYW is a great balance between being challenging yet manageable, and is so much fun every step of the way. Because of the nature of your work there, it will change you for the better in the process; it is nothing but uplifting. Therefore, it can also be very family-friendly, especially if you involve your family in your service.
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