Discount Tire & Automotive

Assistant Manager

September 2016 • Providence, UT

What I liked

I like that every day presents a new challenge, no two days are alike in this industry. I also like the difficulty of the job, it requires a lot of knowledge not only about car, tires, and wheels but also how to manage people and resources. There are many time were you are called on to make decisions or will have to make decisions for daily business. This company does a great job or giving you freedom and allowing you to create your own destiny.

What I wish was different

Although its nice to have the freedom to sink or swim it would be nice to have a great role model. I work with some great people and experts in the field I just wish that there were more tenured managers within reach to look up to.


One more unit per day can be the difference between compensation of 30K and 70K. In other words never stop pushing sales especially toward the end of the day.
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