Direct Support Professional; Private Household: Mckee Family

About Direct Support Professional; Private Household: Mckee Family

Annie McKee family
New Brighton Area/Roseville- Start $20../hr Start now!
Support for a young lady, with physical disabilities and in a wheel chair.
Family atmosphere-very clean, friendly, organized.
Flexible schedule- 6-20 hrs around your schedule
Typical shifts include: helping Annie with personal cares, ensuring safety, accessing the community and fun activities. Great and rewarding experience!
Bonuses after 6 month employment and/or additional stipend classes with wage raise potential
Please contact Andrea


Direct Care Professional

October 2020 New Brighton, MN
“I have worked with the McKee family for the last year and a half. I have learned so many valuable skills since working this job including basic cares, enhancing my personal skills, and communicating with co-workers. In addition to these gains, I have felt continuously supported by the McKee family. They provide flexible scheduling which allowed me to prioritize college classes while also catering to Annie's needs. Upon graduation, I had a strong professional relationship with the family; they granted me extended flexibility when I accepted another full-time position. I continue to work with Annie alongside my 40hr/wk job because it brings me joy and fulfillment- either from the memories I create within the family or the relationships I've created among co-workers. I strongly recommend this job. ”


August 2021 New Brighton, MN
“I really like how hands on this job is, I got to learn a lot of skills that are important in the healthcare field such as communication, attentiveness, time management and team work. This job provides great medical experience and you get to really bond with Annie, who is very caring, patient, funny and kind. I really like the work environment in Annie’s home because not only do I get to practice medical and care giving skills, I also have a lot of fun with Annie, some of our favorite activities include doing arts and craft projects, listening to her favorite music artists, playing Uno and going on walks! ”
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