Digital Nirvana Inc.

About Digital Nirvana Inc.

Digital Nirvana is a global developer of knowledge management technologies that empower organizations to create, share, and mine insights from electronic media. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes media monitoring and analysis; generation and management of closed captions, subtitles, transcripts, and metadata; and advanced AI-based technologies that drive custom production workflows.

Organizations worldwide rely on Digital Nirvana to improve operational efficiencies, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and expand revenue streams. Digital Nirvana’s compliance-driven solutions deliver unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance to help organizations surmount difficult business challenges and drive rapid and profitable growth.


Freelance Transcriptor

November 2021 - February 2022 Santa Barbara, CA
“I liked the fully remote aspect of the job, as well as the flexibility in schedules. Calls could be assigned for any time that was convenient as listed before.”

Freelance Transcriptionist

February 2022 Fremont, CA
“I liked that the job was fully remote. They accommodated my schedule and were always open to answering questions. When I struggled with my first transcription attempt, they made sure to give me personal guidance. This shows that the company is open to helping newcomers develop the skills they need to succeed in the position. Furthermore, this job requires that you research companies. You will hear how company leaders present and answer questions during earnings calls. This was all very interesting to me.”
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