Diabetic Dabs

About Diabetic Dabs

Dabs® was created by Liz Sacco, a busy mom of 4 after she could not find an efficient solution to simplify the diabetes testing routine. Her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and there was no real solution on where to wipe his finger after blood glucose testing. She tried everything from tissues to cloths, but nothing seemed safe or appropriate and she wanted something less wasteful. Taking matters into her own hands, Sacco conceived, developed, and patented Dabs®.

Dabs are a hygienic, economical and convenient wipe that provides a simple, fast solution for blood removal and disposal as well as a quick wipe for any mess. Many in the diabetic community find them handy and the perfect solution to the dilemma of what to use to wipe the blood. They are like post its for a quick wipe and actually have multiple uses.

While Dabs was originally created as a convenient pad of 50 wipes with an adhesive backing that allows for ideal placement to safely remove blood after diabetic testing, Sacco found that anyone can benefit from Dabs. These tear off, small non-toxic wipes are less waste than a tissue or paper towel and are handy at a moment’s notice. They are convenient for kids backpacks, for beauty touch ups (no more cutting paper towels for nail emergencies) cleaning glasses, and more.


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