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How would you describe the company culture at Devon Energy?

Everyone helps everyone. Plain and simple. The folks you work with genuinely want you to succeed and will help you along the way. The recruiting staff and university relations are pretty nice folks too and answer all questions. You, as an intern, are treated like a regular employee and are given ...
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What are the main pros/cons related to a reservoir engineering internship at Devon Energy?

Like: The culture of the people that I worked with, my project, my mentor, my fellow interns, OKC, Devon's awesome on-boarding for interns, and the resources available.Dislike: Sometimes it felt like I wasn't going to be able to make an impact on my project in 10 weeks, because that felt short. I...
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If Devon Energy were compared to its main competitors, how might it stand out from the others?

Devon has a lot of resources in its hands to work with. Their culture permeates through the company well, which can be difficult with a large corporation. They benefit from having a collaborative nature amongst the staff.
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How do I prepare for an interview for an Engineering Intern position at Devon Energy?

First of all understand that you should just relax and be yourself. Take a copy of your resume to hand them in case the interviewer didn't bring one. Smile, look the interviewer in the eyes, and make a firm handshake - first impressions matter. As far as the interview itself, if you don't have an...
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What's it like being an Engineering Intern at Devon Energy?

If they put you in the field to start out, go prepared to work hard. It's not a vacation - this is your future. You will spend time with field personnel. Learn how to communicate with them and ask tons of questions. Respect their experience and understand that while they may not have a college de...
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