designONE studio

Architect Intern

May 2018 • Marietta, GA

What I liked

The studio was a great size for a first-time intern experience. Everyone works very well together and treats each other as family. It's not often that a group of people working in an office sit down to have lunch together in the other every day. This sense of family extended to the work as well. It is a very open environment which has helped me learned certain aspects of the field, and I feel very comfortable asking my bosses advice on the projects that I work on. There are multiple

What I wish was different

I wish that there had been more design oriented projects to work on. Not being a larger firm, designOne does not have a formal internship program which might put the intern through multiple types of work. Although I have been able to work on different parts projects the vast majority of my time is being used working redlines on construction documents- which, to be fair, should be expected of for an architectural internship.


Many architecture students think that they need an internship with a big name firm that works on very specific types of big-name projects. I would advise students looking for an internship to not be afraid to test the waters in different types of firms that work on different types of products. DesignOne is a firm that works on lots of renovation projects for hospitality. Had I not had this internship, I would not be learning unique design techniques and characteristics of design for interior spaces both architecturally and in interior design.
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