Desco Industries Inc

About Desco Industries Inc

DESCO INDUSTRIES INC primarily manufactures products in the United States of America with additional manufacturing in our United Kingdom and Japan facilities. Our inventory locations include one in Japan, two UK locations, and ten locations in the United States of America. The SCS brand also maintains a sales office in Singapore. Our core product groups are manufactured for ESD control in electronics manufacturing areas. These product groups include component rework machines, bags, wrist straps, worksurface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, data acquisition, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders, specialty tools, and other workbench accessories. We also manufacture non-ESD products, including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, and training products. In addition, we have full capabilities to manufacture custom products to customer specifications.



May 2018 - August 2019 Sioux Falls, SD
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