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Tips for those who may interview for an adjunct professor job at DePaul University?

I reviewed the department website, paying attention to what courses were offered, what had not been offered in awhile, and what the expertise of the faculty was. I also thought about what courses I would like to teach and how to make the case for my expertise.
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What steps should I take to be prepared for an interview to take on a graphic designer job at DePaul University?

Have a strong online portfolio and bring a few printed examples with you. Dress professionally. Be confident about your work and skills. Be able to talk about a few specific topics in design which you are interested in doing the most.
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Are there certain things I should know before interviewing for a gallery monitor position at the DePaul Art Museum?

Be your authentic self. Show enthusiasm about museum work. Know something about (or show interest in learning about) art & artists in Chicago (they like to focus on local artistic communities). Speak and write coherently.
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