Department of Homeland Security (Newark and Elizabeth, NJ Offices)

Undergraduate Intern

January - May 2023 • Newark, NJ

What I liked

This is a great internship if you are interested in Legal, Law Enforcement, or Federal Government Careers. Expect to work in a small cohort of 4-6 interns doing various tasks related to immigration law. Common assignments include processing Prosecutorial Discretion claims, doing research on country conditions, and shadowing in court. My supervisor was just great. She was attentive, caring, and funny. During the school year, you are only expected to work 12 hours per week (Summer is different) so you have plenty of time for classwork. Overall this was a great experience, and I highly recommend.

What I wish was different

As of 2023, it is unpaid and they do not offer Transit benefits. You do have to work in person, as you cannot take sensitive documents home. Expect the background check to last at least a month. If you aren't a morning person, be forewarned that during your full day you are expected to work from 8am-4pm.


Try top reach out to some of the other attorneys while you are there, don't just stick to the one. The more effort you put in, the more advice you get out.
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