Department of Behavioral Health - County of San Bernardino

About Department of Behavioral Health - County of San Bernardino

Our Mission
San Bernardino County Behavioral Health Programs strive to be recognized as a progressive system of seamless, accessible and effective services that promote prevention, intervention, recovery and resiliency for individuals, families and communities.

Our Vision
We envision a county where all persons have the opportunity to enjoy optimum wellness, whether they have experienced mental illness or substance use disorders.

Our Values
We embrace the following values:

Clients and families as central to the purpose of our Vision and Mission.
Sensitivity to and respect for all clients, families, communities, cultures and languages.
Effective services in the least intrusive and/or restrictive environment.
Positive and supportive settings with state-of-the-art technologies.
Open and honest dialogue among all stakeholders.
Partnerships and collaborations that share leadership, decision-making, ownership and accountability.
Each other as our most valuable asset, and collectively the empowerment that this provides.
A well-trained and competent workforce.
Empowering and supporting staff in their personal and professional development.
Responsible use of our resources to ensure financial sustainability.



November 2021 - December 2021 San Bernardino, CA
“I appreciated that they were very welcoming. Did their best to give advice on future jobs. Also gave me recommendation letter. Also invited me back to volunteer on projects. ”

Crisis Intervention Training Intern

January 2018 - October 2018 San Bernardino, CA
“ You see what it takes to run a program/department at various levels. There is a lot of networking opportunities that can be helpful when applying for county jobs. A lot of volunteer opportunities that allow you to better your resume. ”
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