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The Student Employment Office is housed within the Human Resources Department and supports on-campus employment during the academic year and summer break. The office serves as a liaison between students who want to work and departments that need help. In a given academic year, Davidson employs approximately 800 students in more than 60 departments.

Students are strongly encouraged to consider employment during their time at Davidson. Working on campus enriches your education outside of the classroom and helps build relationships with both faculty and staff. Student employment helps develop time-management skills, teamwork, and basic professional readiness.

All students are eligible for on-campus jobs regardless of their financial status. Students receiving Federal Work Study (FWS) awards are given priority over non-FWS students.


Undergraduate Researcher

June 2018 - August 2018 Davidson, NC
“Collaborating with a research team across campus was an enjoyable factor that allowed for improvement of communication proficiencies, and constructive conversations about the project. Aside from the enormous amount of information I acquired building an in vitro selection mechanims to enhance protein production, and valuable lab skills, I developed relationships at work with laboratory members as well as faculty. This summer research also added to my personal growth skills such as adjusting and coping with new conditions. ”

Student Ambassador

May 2017 - June 2017 Davidson, NC
“I enjoyed working with the college's alumni office, which offered me insight into day-to-day inter-workings in the office environment.”
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