DART Aerospace

Engineering Intern

June - September 2018 • Vista, CA

What I liked

I got to work on a variety of topics on my field (MechE) ranging from incorporating suggested improvements to currently available products, revising drawings, writing and editing technical documents, and designing, prototyping, and manufacturing parts of my own to be incorporated with current and future projects. The engineering office was super chill though.

What I wish was different

Work wise, much felt unstructured (I was not told some details of projects planned for me) although my concerns have been noted. It was not just a curse though, as it freed me to invest my time in projects that I found valuable (while also valuable to the company of course). Logistically, I wish I had been provided with a housing stipend or at least presented with some local options.


Have the attitude of "I'm here to do whatever is necessary." Some work didn't "feel" like "Engineering Intern" work but it was all valuable both to me educationally and for overall productivity.
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