Daredevil Production, LLC

Social Media Intern

August - December 2017 • Nashville, TN

What I liked

I was able to learn some good photo editing skills.

What I wish was different

I wish there had been more work involved. Everyday we would do the same thing and there would be no new tasks or work to be done. The single task we did have only took about 30 minutes-1 hour and while that's fine I finished the day feel unaccomplished. Throughout the experience I feel as if I haven't learned or gained much experience to use within the industry later on.


I would tell them to ask questions during the interview to see exactly what it is they will be doing, what the company does, what your daily tasks were. I briefly asked these questions, but didn't go in depth and regret it because I came in expecting one thing and it turned out to be completely different. Ask those deep, in-depth questions to make sure it's completely what you are interested in and wanting to do.
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