Craic Sauce

About Craic Sauce

From sourcing local ingredients to a long-age fermentation process, we pride ourselves at Craic Sauce on taking the longer and more local road to creating unique, flavor-centric sauces.

Craic (pronounced krak) is an Irish word for great fun and good company, a value that is cherished in how we operate.

Today our sauces are made by the mighty Craic Crew in Lowell, Mass, using seasonal produce sourced directly from local farmers so that our sauces are nutritious and full of bold flavor.

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We live our mission through being intimately involved with every process from seed to sauce. We cook in small batches, using the freshest local ingredients to create unique flavorful sauces that bring a spark of extra flavor to every meal.

As we farm, work with other growers, cook and sell every bottles ourselves, we cherish the relationships, experiences and craic that are in full force every day!


Business Operations Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Lowell, MA
“Working with Brian was awesome. He's a super passionate, genuine guy, and he is the person who has crafted the company into what it is today. He also allowed me to develop and grow through my role, and I feel like I gained a lot of applicable life and professional skills from this internship. I also loved that I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different aspects of the business, doing everything from drafting, revising, and publishing internal procedures to selling hot sauce at farmer's markets. This experience has given me a wide variety of skills and experiences that I hope to be able to further develop and utilize in future roles.”
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