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The founding story originated in Dublin, Ireland where Brian Ruhlmann, the founder of Craft Hot Sauce LLC started the website in 2014. What originally was a 30-day project for his former employer HubSpot, quickly turned into passion for craft hot sauce that sent him around European cities covering the emerging world of hot sauce through journalism and podcasting.

Craft Hot Sauce has shared over 100 stories of small independent hot sauce makers, grown a newsletter with thousands of engaged foodies and chiliheads, has the #1 downloaded hot sauce podcast, and hosts an e-commerce marketplace with over 200 craft hot sauces.

When Brian moved back to Masshacusetts in 2016 he attended the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and was inspired to start his own hot sauce company, Craic Sauce, seeing the energy from hot sauce community. Craic (pronounced crack) is an Irish word for having a good time which has been the guiding light for the company.

Craic Sauce focuses on enjoying the most out of each day, building relationships with our Merrimack Valley community, and sourcing the best local produce from local farms to ensure every bottle of hot sauce is bursting with flavor.

As the COVID pandemic shook up the world, the hot sauce market experienced accelerated growth in an already hot market. People turned to hot sauce to add more flavor to their home cooked meals, so Brian decided to leave his job as a Sales Director at a Boston-based tech company to pursue Craic Sauce and Craft Hot Sauce full time.

Craft Hot Sauce LLC (the parent company to and Craic Sauce) graduated from the EforAll business accelerator program in September 2020 and won $2,000 in prize money that went directly towards two thousand pounds of organic peppers from a local Massachusetts farms, that will yield 12,000 bottles of delicious Craic Sauce in 2021.

2022 presents a unique and exciting opportunity for both hot sauce businesses. Craft Hot Sauce will continue to expand its reach by sharing a diverse set of stories and creating a global educational and engaging community. Craic Sauce will focus their efforts hyper locally to meet more people in the Merrimack Valley and Greater Boston area through farmers markets, partnering with farmers, and of course cooking hot sauce in Lowell.

Craic Sauce is looking for team oriented individuals that are seeking hands on experience in the start-up food space. Come join us for an exciting, fast paced job filled with lots of craic!


Business Operations Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Lowell, MA
“Working with Brian was awesome. He's a super passionate, genuine guy, and he is the person who has crafted the company into what it is today. He also allowed me to develop and grow through my role, and I feel like I gained a lot of applicable life and professional skills from this internship. I also loved that I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different aspects of the business, doing everything from drafting, revising, and publishing internal procedures to selling hot sauce at farmer's markets. This experience has given me a wide variety of skills and experiences that I hope to be able to further develop and utilize in future roles.”
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