County of San Mateo

About County of San Mateo

Life in San Mateo County provides a picturesque setting, combined with an incredible array of activities which truly represent the California lifestyle at its finest. Bordered on the west by the majestic Pacific Ocean, to the north by San Francisco, to the east by the scenic San Francisco Bay, and to the south by the world-famous Silicon Valley, San Mateo County offers a wide range of recreational pursuits, economic opportunities, and numerous attractions.

The 765,000 residents of the County enjoy a diverse, multi-cultural citizenry, cosmopolitan ambiance, temperate climate, clean air, rural open space, and a geographic location in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula. The County provides for the health and welfare of all people within its borders and serves as the local government for the unincorporated areas.


Medical Office Assistant II

April 2019 San Mateo, CA
“It’s a very autonomous position ”

Fiscal Office Specialist

July 2018 Belmont, CA
“I liked that the application process was for a County-wide recruitment, so that applicants have a chance to work for different departments in the County. If applicants pass the initial screening and do well enough on an exam specific to the position they are applying for, then they are placed on a list of potential candidates for 6 months. This can be especially helpful if you are not in a rush to get a job. Depending on need, some departments may also contact applicants for an interview much earlier than others.”
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