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About Country Supplier

Country Supplier is the home of C-A-L Ranch and Coastal Farm & Home, both brands are leaders in the farm and ranch store industry. And we will let you in on a secret that any of our customers will tell you—while we have all the feed and seed you’d ever need—there is SO MUCH MORE to be discovered and shared! Our team is full of craftsman, marksmen, outdoor grill masters, backyard farmers, and people who just love to hunt and fish. We are campers, hikers, dreamers, doers, and makers. We like to turn up the flavor and get in the game. We feed our chickens, love our pets, DIY, and dress to the nines for concerts, rodeos, and Sunday.
If you live and love the west, we are the place for you.
We Need:
SMART THINKING: We are highly skilled professionals. We create and design with a WHY—backed by data—to produce results. We break the rules for the right reasons. We pay attention to everything. We have the talent, experience, and track record to prove we are experts.
FRESH IDEAS: We exceed expectations and strive to surpass goals. We are built with cleverness, grit, and hustle. We love it when our ideas translate into tangible action. We are passionate about what we do.
GENUINE GOODNESS: We make a positive impact with a positive attitude. We do what we love and love what we do! We look forward to making a significant difference day in and day out.
COLLABORATE AND CELEBRATE: We’re all in this together. Check egos at the door and understand that when great minds come together, we will produce outstanding results. Those results are celebrated with endless snacky-treats, soda pop, and baked goods. And music.


e commerce intern

August 2019 - September 2019 Idaho Falls, ID
“Great company, they treat the employees very well, also a lot of room to learn and be taught.”

eCommerce Intern

March 2019 - May 2019 Idaho Falls, ID
“Management was very helpful. ”
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