Costa Del Sol Enterprises LLC DBA CBI International

About Costa Del Sol Enterprises LLC DBA CBI International

Who we are: CostadelSol Enterprises LLC was founded in 2001 as an importer of exotic and tropical products. Our foundation is based on providing culturally rich products which display our diverse ethnic familiarity. In 2003, CostadelSol merged with CBI International, expanding its product portfolio with recognized worldwide brands including DIANA. DIANA is highly recognized throughout Central America for its full line of quality snacks to which we became the exclusive importer for products developed for the U.S. market.

Mission: Today CBI INTERNATIONAL focuses on expanding and popularizing the ethnic market in the U.S. by continually developing new products and by strengthening our greatest assets: top of the line quality and service to our prominent clients. Our immutable presence in the U.S. ethnic market allows us to keep evolving our current products through new packaging and flavors.

Vision: We value the products and brands that trust us to represent them in the U.S. ethnic markets. Subsequently, we value high quality service as well as persistent follow-ups to ensure product.


Market researcher

June 2023 Miami, FL
“I conduct qualitative research with our Hispanic customers, such as Product Testing and Focus Groups. Furthermore, I do desk research about the Hispanic population in the United States.”
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