Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc.

About Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc.

Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. (CSU) was founded in 1980 by entrepreneur Donald H. Whitney. The company began by producing corporate picnics and teambuilding events for businesses nationwide. As the organization grew, so did the relationships and scope of work. In addition to the hundreds of special events being produced annually, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. became involved in the development, design and management of fitness centers. The special events division evolved into what is today known as Corporate Events & Meetings, producing more than 300 events and meetings annually.

Today, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. specializes in health and wellness, where it has opened, managed and served as consultants for more than 45 health, fitness and wellness centers in leading hotels, resorts, office developments, private corporations, hospitals, universities and country clubs.

CSU has more than 29 years of management, consulting and programming background, building the resources, knowledge, expertise and trusted relationships to become your one-stop full-service health and wellness partner. And we have the background and tools to provide you with everything you need without relying on outside resources or third-party companies.

Our clients include IBM, Coca-Cola, Bristol Meyers, Georgia Pacific, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Marriott Hotels , Childress Klein properties and Trammel Crow Company.


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January 2019 Minneapolis, MN
“We have a small team but it is more like a family.”
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