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About CornerTurn LLC

CornerTurn is a small business formed by a group of individuals with over 80 years of experience working and directing numerous Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial projects. Our corporate goal is to develop a strong team environment where all members of the organization are encouraged to contribute to the success of a project and can feel a sense of ownership in the effort. We strive for building a team atmosphere where the knowledge, experience and “lessons learned” provided by the more senior staff members is effectively blended with the exuberance, energy and “newer” technical knowledge of more junior staff members. A typical strategy for all our developments is to carefully evaluate candidate “state of the industry” technologies that represent innovative yet mature products that can be used to address a customer’s unique problem.

CornerTurn has a number of customers that they support in a variety of ways including:
(1) Rapid Prototype Development – This includes “womb to tomb” development involving all aspects of system, hardware, software and mechanical design, implementation and integration. Total development cycle times ranging from 30-180 days are typical of the prototype development tasks we have completed. CornerTurn has developed significant expertise in the development of low power, remotely deployed systems consisting of a variety of sensors combined with wireless communications capabilities.
(2) System Definition and Design – The extensive experience of the members of CornerTurn enable us to effectively define, evaluate and design complete systems. CornerTurn members have extensive experience in program management, technical direction and system engineering for large Navy systems. The knowledge and “system level view” derived from this career experience is also brought to bear in our development of small systems that may consist of just a handful of electronic circuit.
(3) Signal Processing Design, Evaluation and Implementation – The CornerTurn team provides an extensive level of signal processing expertise including system design, performance evaluation, algorithm definition, software implementation and performance testing. This experience was accumulated in developing sonar and combat systems for the US Navy as well as participation by the CornerTurn staff in a variety of research efforts funded under the Government’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

CornerTurn provides technical experience in the fields of signal processing, system engineering, system design, hardware design and development, software design and development, system integration and testing, performance modeling and analysis, as well as system test and integration. Other areas of recent concentration for our customers include: low power battery operated devices and systems, wireless satellite communications as well as low power RF communication applications.

CornerTurn is committed using the program and technical experience of their team to provide open architecture, non-proprietary, COTS solutions to small and large programs alike.


Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Corona, CA
“I was able to contribute on very interesting and challenging projects that had real-world impacts.”
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