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About Core Spaces

Core Spaces is the premier, award-winning, student housing development and management company. Our focus is on student housing and our business model is simple: purchase and develop student housing as close to campus as possible and develop a product that is superior to our competition. Over the past four years, Core Campus has been involved in acquisitions and/or development of approximately $1.3 billion of student housing assets, involving over 12,000 beds in university markets across the nation.

We specialize in acquisitions, developments and in-house management. We establish synergies between construction and management to develop and build a product tailored to the needs and desires of the local markets and communities where we invest.

Core Spaces strives to be the pioneering developer in each campus we target, so that our name is the first thing students, parents, and universities think of when they are looking for innovative first-class student housing. Core Spaces creates properties that students want to live in because of the unique design, proximity to campus, and amenity spaces that promote community and collaboration.


Development Intern

May 2022 - September 2022 Athens, GA
“Great working environment!”


December 2018 Tucson, AZ
“the convince of my job being within my apartment ”
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