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About Cordero Video & Photo

Cordero Video & Photo is a media content development company. We produce world class video and photography to meet the branding and marketing objectives for companies in various industries including, but not limited to: Real Estate, Marine, Cannabis, Food, Hospitality, Medical & Education.

The content produced by CVP aims to answer the Who, What, Where, When and Why of products and service based companies aiming to strengthen brand awareness.


Creative Content Developer

January 2019 - May 2019 Fairhaven, MA
“I liked how dynamic the job was. Each day I came in, there was something new for me to do and learn. Going out on photoshoots was a refreshing break from typical office work and there was something new to be discovered each time we went. I learned new skills in Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro, as well as professional skills to prepare me for a full-time career. The best experience overall was being able to build a professional and personal relationship with Joel. He is so passionate about his career, and being able to work under his wing taught me more than I could ever ask for. ”
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