Coquille Watershed Association

Summer Technician

June - September 2019 • Coquille, OR

What I liked

At the Coquille Watershed I got hands on experience working in natural resource restoration projects. I was able to expand my knowledge on different survey techniques and use my skills with GIS for map making. The staff was kind and understanding and I felt value in the work I performed for them. In this experience I was also able to connect with officials in different agencies during meetings and work in the field. I am excited to return next summer and continue my work with the Watershed.

What I wish was different


Advice I would give for those going into any natural resource job is to be open about trying new things. In this field there is all kinds of fun and interesting field work to be done and you may have to try something new in order to get the job done. Don't be afraid to be adventurous!
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