Continental Automotive Group

About Continental Automotive Group

We are an automotive group with locations across North Austin as well as San Juan, Tx. Our dealerships include Austin INFINITI, Austin Subaru, First Texas Honda, Mercedes-Benz of Austin, Continental Collision Center, Mercedes-Benz of San Juan, and Audi San Juan!

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal at CAG is simple, we call it TNT: Transformational Not Transactional. We foster an environment that leads to transformational actions and experiences for ourselves, our peers, and our clients. We achieve this through decisive actions to assist, resulting in positive outcomes, deeply rooted relationships, continuous growth, bonds of love and trust, scalable success, and life-changing experiences.

Core Values

These are the guiding principles of CAG and they help guide our day-to-day activities:

-We do the things we say we are going to do
-We encourage and support each other
-We are committed to continuous growth

Our Story

Continental Automotive Group goes back half a century when Continental Cars, Inc. was incorporated in August of 1966. A lot of things have changed in the many years that have passed since then, but our dedication to quality vehicles, quality car service, and fair, competitive prices have remained the same. Today we own and operate multiple Austin car dealerships including Austin INFINITI, Austin Subaru, First Texas Honda, and Mercedes-Benz of Austin.

We’re one of the only family-owned and operated dealerships left in the greater Austin area, and while we might have gotten bigger we’re happy to say we’ve kept the cordial, intimate feel of a family dealership going to this day. In addition to creating a more laid back atmosphere, we ensure our customers always get the service they deserve and the car right for their driving needs.

With our roots planted firmly into the soil of Austin, we recognize the importance of giving back to our friends, family, and neighbors in the community. Our community involvement is deep and wide, and we’ve given back to a wide range of charitable events and organizations in the area. These include the Austin Children’s Shelter, the University of Texas, Meals on Wheels & More, the American Red Cross, the Autism Society, Boy Scouts of America, Lone Star Girl Scouts, the American Childhood Cancer Organization, and many more.

As of 2019–and in addition to our Austin dealerships–we are sharing the same principles and continually striving for the same high standards via our dealerships in San Juan, Texas: Mercedes-Benz of San Juan and Audi San Juan.



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