Connecticut General Assembly

About Connecticut General Assembly

The Connecticut General Assembly is the state legislature of Connecticut. It is composed of two chambers--the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are 151 elected House members and 36 Senators. Legislative committees, arranged by topic and composed of legislators, review proposed legislation and make recommendations to the full House and Senate. Committees meet and hold public hearings in the Legislative Office Building (LOB) to hear constituent comments on proposed legislation. The full body of legislators meets in the State Capitol Building in Hartford to debate and vote on proposed bills. Connecticut state legislators are only employed part-time. A full-time staff supports legislators with research and constituent case work.

The CGA Legislative Internship Program (LIP) is offered in the Spring academic semester to correspond with the Connecticut General Assembly’s Legislative Session. The LIP offers a unique opportunity for students to earn credit through an experiential learning program that includes job training, academic research, career development and field trips. While working at the General Assembly, interns gain exclusive, behind-the-scenes insight into the legislator's roles, politics and the policy making process.


Legislative Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 Hartford, CT
“I particularly liked working in constituent services; you get to hear people's problems and attempt to solve them using the resources of the state, which can feel very meaningful especially when these problems are having an extremely big impact on their lives. For instance, one person called in to talk about how their landlord wasn't fixing their apartment shower in an attempt to force them out and we were able to get Hartford Housing Authorities involved. During my time at the capital, I answered phones, letters, and emails, as well as collected survey information. It was also interesting being in the place where so many important decisions happen: I got to meet the governor, sit in on committee meetings, and generally learn a lot about the Connecticut state government. ”
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