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About Concentric Life

Concentric Life is a partner-led, global health and wellness agency focused on connecting humans with their health.

We embrace change. Change is all around us. It can be scary for those who require certainty, while those who embrace change are inspired by its limitless possibilities. As individuals and societies, our response to change can shape our lives by expanding our idea of what is possible and deepening our connection to the world and to each other. Healthcare is evolving, and it represents one of the largest areas where change promises to revolutionize our lives. Drug discovery, individualized treatments, early detection of disease, and the reduction of medical error all have the potential to enhance and save lives. Change waits for nobody, and its pace is furious.
Concentric is responding to this change by marketing and communicating health and healthcare brands at the human level. Our mission is to help our clients navigate regulatory barriers to build true, human-centered, emotionally rich brand experiences that succeed in bridging the gaps between users and their health.

We believe human. Human Spirit, Human Desire and Human Will motivate human health experiences, and we believe that today’s modern healthcare brands need to be distinctly human. That is why we’ve built a modern agency designed to see, think, and act like a human.
We aspire to a shift in the idea of healthcare from treating sickness to promoting wellness. To help brands understand that human emotions underlie human desires, motivations, and ambitions is a powerful way to inject brands with humanity. With change there remains one constant truth: nothing is more important than the connection to one’s self, and one’s self is indelibly shaped by one’s health.
Welcome to Concentric. We are inspired by your presence and happy to have you join our team of over 130 people worldwide, each with their own desires, motivations and aspirations, but united by a common vision: making healthcare human.


Data/Strategy Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 New York City, NY
“The company was very helpful and seemed like they truly enjoyed what they did every day. If I needed help I felt very comfortable asking my coworkers. There were also "lunch and learns" where we got to have hour crash-courses on aspects of health advertising.”


June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“The company culture allowed for so much growth! We had the opportunity to build an entire pitch project and present to our CEO’s and clients. It taught me a lot about how to work in a team and what it takes to make a pitch successful. ”
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