Competition Economics LLC

About Competition Economics LLC

Competition Economics provides economic research and consulting services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies. The focus of our research and consulting is in four practice areas: antitrust, damages, intellectual property, and regulation.

Our approach combines the knowledge, experience, and credentials of our experts with strong research support from our well-trained staff of consultants. Strong project leadership, backed by rigorous and objective research, enables us to be a leading provider of high-quality economic analysis.


Research Associate

November 2017 - July 2018 Emeryville, CA
“This was my first job out of college and really all that I hoped for. I was working at a small firm with a team that had various degrees of experience in the area of economic consulting. However small the firm, the cases that I helped on were large-impact ones that were relevant to many different industries. Being one of two RAs usually, I was required to wear a lot of hats, which meant that I was working on different parts of the report almost daily. This kept the work very exciting as well as provided a wholesome perspective on consulting. I had a great team that I enjoyed working with and one that valued everyone's contributions!”
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