Compass Coffee

About Compass Coffee

At Compass, we’re dedicated to making Real Good Coffee. Nothing fancy, nothing too crazy or hard to pronounce, just real good. We truly believe that good coffee can bring people together, create connections, and make people’s days better!

We’re a fast-growing company with eleven cafés throughout DC and Virginia. Several more cafés are under construction, including one in Ballston, and a massive new Roastery in Ivy City! Compass Coffee also roasts coffee for some of the area’s best restaurants and hotels. So if you love coffee, you like being part of a committed team, and you want to help build a truly great organization, then we’re looking for you!

We believe in training, and we believe in taking care of our team, because we're committed to building a great organization. Everyone who joins Compass — from a Distribution Assistant to an Accountant — starts in the cafés, as a Barista Apprentice, learning first hand about our mission of making people's days better, about our Values and what we stand for, and our Ways of Being.

Up for an adventure? Join us.



January 2019 Washington, DC
“Flexibility, great pay, fantastic training, and friendly coworkers and chain of command. ”
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