Companion Animal Foundation

About Companion Animal Foundation

Companion Animal Foundation's mission is to raise the status of animals by decreasing pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance as well as public education. Companion Animal Foundation provides meaningful programs for both children and adults which help increase awareness of the unique relationship we share with our animal friends. Companion Animal Foundation works cooperatively with all rescue groups and the community to find good homes for adoptable animals.


Summer Camp Counselor

July 2019 Arcata, CA
“For The Love of Animals is a summer camp for children that love animals and aspire work with them in their future. This camp teaches children how to interact with animals, how to take care of them, nutrition, behavior, emergency preparedness, veterinarian experience, and more. I loved being a camp counselor for these children and their growing minds. Camp features included caring for kittens, puppies, tortoises, chickens, and bunnies. Such an amazing experience. After working for this camp I aquired a position working at the Companion Animal Foundation thrift stores which help raise funds for animals that need care while waiting to be adopted. The foundation also provides members in the community with vouchers to have animals spayed or nurtured.”
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