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About Community Living Services

Community Living Services is a service provider for folks with special needs. These are people who live in our community who are working, going to school, and living life just like the rest of us. They want to live self-determined, independent lives and not be part of a group home or institution-like setting. They have wants, needs and desire to be a part of their community and not taken away from it. They want to be active, learning, and making friends, just like the rest of us. Many are in need of community companions and mentors to help them navigate through their days/lives. Many of them are limited with transportation and sometimes even mobility. There are folks who need extra help and guidance to do tasks around homes, some that need help looking for work and some who may need to be shadowed on their paid job or volunteer job of their choice. Having a community companion or mentor can make all the difference in how they see and experience life.
This job is for those who are compassionate, gentle and patient. This job is for those who are willing to make friends with people who have been given a diagnosis and are not able to be totally independent on their own. The folks we work with have personalities, desires, longings and fears - just like the rest of us. They need people who can help them live life to the fullest.
The job is hourly and can be anything from 8 hours a week to 30. This will depend on your schedule and theirs. This job/experience can look good on a resume for those who are in the social work and human service field. It is good for those who are wanting to experience life through the eyes of someone who may struggle with everyday life. You can learn about them as much as you can learn about yourself. It is an all around fun, yet challenging job. Perfect for college students or anyone looking for flexible hours.


Direct Support Professional

September 2019 Fargo, ND
“I love working with people in their home to support their needs. The clients I work with are great, and I love getting to go to work! It is also very flexible working around any hours.”
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