Colorado Attorney General

Legal Intern

May - August 2019 • Denver, CO

What I liked

This was an amazing experience. I got experience both as a policy researcher and writer as well as doing legal research that I previously had very little experience in. On top of that, every week the interns got an opportunity to meet highly talented individuals in the legal world ranging from the general counsel of Coors Brewing Co to federal and CO Supreme Court judges. Almost more valuable than any of that though was the ability to work side by side with talented young law students and both get an inside look on what the future holds as well as a chance to tap into the young professional network of Denver.

What I wish was different

If I’m being honest not much. This was one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had, with a great mix of challenging and ordinary work with lots of oversight and guidance from mentors. While I wish it had been paid, that’s a small price to pay for the wealth of experience I gained from this opportunity. The AG’s office is very dedicated to making a pipeline for excited young people to get into public service and it shows, I would do it over again in a heart beat.


Put yourself out there 100% of the time. The best opportunities I’ve been given were ones that I asked for and pursued, not what was simply given to me. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and asking for help, especially from your peers as they are amazing resources for you. Above all, you get out what you put in to unpaid internships so don’t waste your time and try to consume everything available to you, not just the obviously beneficial stuff because you never know when an opportunity will present itself for you to grow.
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