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College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors is the nation's largest employer for customized nanny, professional babysitting and tutoring services. We believe in Building Stronger Families by providing role models from cradle to college. Find out about our elite team.



May 2018 Wexford, PA
“I liked the personal interaction with each family - I would go to the home of the family, meet the parents/guardians, and then be with the children for as long as I was needed. I have been able to provide assistance and stability to many different families, and was often asked back to households. Another aspect of my job that I enjoyed was that I worked with several children with special needs. I had experience prior to this job with special needs children, but having worked with several more families with different needs allowed me to expand my views on family life, grow with children at different paces, and provide specialized care at a higher level than if I had working exclusively with "normal" children.”


September 2017 Chicago, IL
“I love how the hours are really flexible and i enjoy spending time with different children.”
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