Coffee Culture Corvallis

Assisstant Manager

May 2018 • Corvallis, OR

What I liked

I enjoyed getting to experience leadership within a workplace, and was given the opportunity to inspire my coworkers to want to get everything out of this job that they can. Bringing positivity to the workplace from a leadership perspective has shown great results for the overall level of operation of my shop.

What I wish was different

I wish that I was given more opportunities to take my coworkers on day-off vacations funded by the company, because when they can all get together outside of work it improves the overall cohesiveness of the team.


In your workplace, try to take whatever opportunities you can to positively inspire those around you. It's easy for negativity to circulate around the workplace, and a complacent mindset is contagious. When somebody sees a coworker having a fun on the job while bettering themselves, they will likely try to do the same.
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