Coding Mind Academy


August 2022 • Irvine, CA

What I liked

Job is very flexible. Most of the classes you can teach have a curriculum to follow, making classes simple. The management is very caring. They're very reasonable and are very willing to pay for extra work, even paying you if a student misses a class, or if you had any sort of meeting with management, no matter how long. The management also will check up with you if you have any sort of emergency. The company also has great bonuses and opportunities for growth by posting projects instructors can do. I did a project and got a 400 dollar bonus and taught a special class for which i got paid more.

What I wish was different

Hours can be very inconsistent, due to you trying to chose different classes offered. You may have trouble trying to get classes as management can be slow and the amount of incoming students depends on the time of year. They also only pay monthly, which can be very aggravating if you run out of money.


This is a very good job for experience and I recommend it for some extra cash as well. While you may not be able to leave another job for this, it is very relaxing, a great learning experience and the bonds you form with your students is great. I highly recommend this job to others.
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