Coastal Helicopters, Inc

Tour Attendant

May - October 2023 • Juneau, AK

What I liked

A really unique, rewarding experience! This was my first job in the tourism industry, and I enjoyed the fast paced nature of the job, and getting to interact with so many different people on a daily basis. The leadership team and my coworkers at Coastal were fantastic to work with as well.

What I wish was different

Due to the cruise ship schedule and the unpredictable nature of Juneau’s weather, my work schedule slowed down significantly towards the end of the season. Definitely something to take into consideration for seasonal employment.


I would recommend getting a head start on finding an out of state summer job, or a summer job that forces you outside of your comfort zone. I wish that I had looked into more out of state positions earlier in college! Like Coastal, there’s a lot of companies in the tourism industry looking for reliable seasonal employees.
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