Co-x3 Family Foundation

About Co-x3 Family Foundation

The Co-x3 Family Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to effect positive change in the world. It serves as a community of co-creators and collaborators, focusing on developing and sharing tools and systems that translate fundamental principles into practical, actionable steps. These steps are designed to be seamlessly integrated into one's life.

The foundation emphasizes the power of community for success, advocating the idea of surrounding oneself with people who have achieved goals similar to one's own and are willing to share their experiences. This approach is facilitated through various programs and events, including the Co-x3 Digital Garden, L-CTRL system, and a global community initiative called Our Family Without Borders.

The Co-x3 Family Foundation reports significant engagement and impact through our activities, with over 100,000 people impacted, 1,000+ downloads of our tools, and an active membership of over 500 individuals. We also maintain an active YouTube channel, further extending our reach and impact through various online mediums.

For more detailed information, you can visit our website ( or check out our YouTube channel.


Project Manager Intern

May 2024 - May 2024 Dover, DE
“I applied for the Project Management Intern position with high hopes for The Co-x3 Family Foundation, drawn in by their mission of driving social innovation and community empowerment. However, my experience with the application process was quite the opposite. Despite their emphasis on effective project management and community impact, the lack of communication from the company was concerning. After expressing interest in my profile and scheduling an interview within a 24-hour window, they completely ghosted me. Despite my follow-up attempts, they didn't respond. This lack of follow-up demonstrates a lack of professionalism but also shows a disregard for the time and effort applicants invest in the application process.”
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