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About CMTA, Inc.

CMTA is part of Legence, a Blackstone portfolio company, specially created to be an Energy Transition Accelerator™. Our team radically improves the performance of the built environment by maximizing energy efficiency through consulting engineering and performance contracting. We’re fostering the future by championing building efficiency today.

Since CMTA's inception, we have been recognized as a national leader for delivering high performance, sustainable projects. We are committed to collaborative partnerships with our clients. Through these collaborations we have helped partners and collaborators exceed their expectations and meet the needs of future generations. CMTA is proud to be the only firm in the nation that delivers MEP Engineering, Performance Contracting and Zero Energy / Zero Carbon buildings.


Mechanical Engineering CO-OP

August 2022 Prospect, KY
“I am a current CO-OP at CMTA Energy Solutions completing my second rotation with CMTA. My first rotation I worked on the design side, and I decided that I wanted to branch out more and get a new experience at CMTA Energy Solutions. This was the best decision I've made in my college career, and I have been very satisfied with my work. One of the Project Managers put it to me this way, "There are two types of jobs and only two types of jobs. Jobs where you trade time for money, and jobs where you trade effort for money." CMTA Energy Solutions is an effort for money firm, and it is a very competitive environment. The thing I like most about CMTA Energy Solutions is that they expect the same thing from me as they do every other employee. I am not just an intern that can slack off because I don't have as much experience as everyone else. It is my job to take every task and project as far as I am able, and to really give my best effort in everything.”

Mechanical Engineer

August 2021 Baltimore, MD
“I have been working full time in the CMTA Energy Solutions division for about a year at one of our remote offices. Having worked at 3 other companies before this, I can say the thing that stood out most to me about CMTA were the great people and great culture that the company had fostered. They care about their people, they invest in them and then they let them dictate their career paths moving forward. Being a relatively young engineer, it is very easy to fit in with the very young demographic of CMTA employees. Another aspect of CMTA that is beneficial to new and experienced employees is the team-oriented environment. Everyone at the company from project engineers to project managers to executives is willing to help one another learn and produce successful projects. People are unselfish and are willing to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy at the end of the day and thus contribute to the overall greater good of the company. One of the benefits of working out of a remote office is that there is a ton of opportunity for growth and that the employees here are entrusted with fostering the overall CMTA culture at our branch locations. The company and industry as a whole is rapidly expanding, which makes it an exciting time to be at CMTA.”
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