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What to expect from the company culture at Citrix?

I had a great work life balance at Citrix. Citrix builds softwares that help people access apps and data over network using any device. Accordingly, work from home is a policy that aligns with the product portfolios. Couple this with flexible working hours - you get to work whenever you want from...
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If any of you have experience working at Citrix, how did it impact your professional growth?

I can confidently take courses related to computer systems because of the exposure I had at Citrix. I am sure that the projects I did while I was working at Citrix helped me get admissions into various universities.
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How does Citrix stand out from its main competition?

A strong partnership with Microsoft. In the past, Microsoft has bailed out Citrix and continues to be a very close partner. Since Microsoft is making great progress in cloud, coupling Citrix softwares with Microsoft offerings can help Citrix enter market accessible to Microsoft. Apart from this, ...
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Can someone tell me how I would go about marketing my Global Studies degree to potential employers?

Answer: Know everything there is to know about the company to which you are applying. Based on research, apply your knowledge and skills to what the company is looking for. For example, I was working on my A.A. when I applied at Citrix. However, I emphasized my bilingual capabilities and my s...
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How was it to work as an executive assistant at Citrix Systems?

As an executive assistant, you are more like the executive's right-hand person/personal assistant; i.e., you know more of what's going on, you are in charge of all communications -- emails, phone calls, conference calls, mail, internal memo's, etc. You learn how to screen and handle the communic...
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From an insider's point of view, does Citrix truly uphold their company values?

Everything Citrix does supports their company values. The CTO was responsible for the technical engineers who sometimes worked around the clock. This division was a true example of teamwork and of the company's value of working hard but that the work should be fun. As such, each engineer had t...
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