How was it to work as an executive assistant at Citrix Systems?

How was it to work as an executive assistant at Citrix Systems?
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Former Executive Assistant to Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President at Citrix Systems

about 2 years ago
As an executive assistant, you are more like the executive's right-hand person/personal assistant; i.e., you know more of what's going on, you are in charge of all communications -- emails, phone calls, conference calls, mail, internal memo's, etc. You learn how to screen and handle the communications -- whether to copy another staff member or senior personnel, perhaps respond to the communication directly or prepare a response in draft form for the CTO to review and approve. I attended meetings, took minutes and then shared the minutes with the proper staff. I also sat in for the Executive Assistant to the President when requested to do so. As the executive's assistant, you learn everything there is to learn about his family: if they are relocating, you assist in providing information on local schools, who to contact for starting their utilities, and assisting them in any way you can to make their move easier. I managed the CTO's extremely complex world-wide travel calendar and meeting schedule. I also coordinated local and global meetings for our division. We always celebrated globally when a product was finished and ready to go to market. I also scheduled travel arrangements for the CTO, clients, team members and/or the executive’s family members to include air travel, hotel, ground transportation, and lunch and dinner arrangements.
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