If anybody here has experience interviewing for a database administrator position at ArcelorMittal, what can you share with me?

My interview process did not include a very technical process, there will be no whiteboard solving of the fibonacci sequence. I would say maybe expect some basic questions about your understanding of programming concepts, but nothing difficult. It was mostly personality based, with structured que...
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What preparations should I take before interviewing for a metallurgical engineering internship at ArcelorMittal?

Make sure to practice answering behavioral questions. A lot of the questions I was asked in my interview for the internship were behavioral based. For example, a questions might be "Tell me of a time in which you had to work in a group and one or multiple of the members was not pulling their weig...
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Anybody here know what it's like to work at ArcelorMittal as a metallurgical engineering intern?

It varies a lot depending on which area of the plant you are placed. I worked in the technical investigations lab at the Indiana Harbor facility. I would take pictures of defective parts that customers sent back to us. I would then mark them up to have samples cut out of them, mounted, and polish...
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