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What do I need to do to succeed at Clean Water Action?

Skills needed for working at Clean Water Action: negotiation, public speaking, confidence, ability to work independently, creativity, bravery, handle money and do some mental math, ability to walk for up to 8 or 9 miles a day. -My office requested we each collect a minimum of $160 a day from stra...
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How would you describe Clean Water Action's company culture?

Clean Water Action has a really laid back and inviting company culture. Everyone who works there is very friendly and caring, and even if you are just a summer intern like I was, they will make sure you feel at home there. It is evident that everyone who works there considers everyone else there ...
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How did working at Clean Water Action contribute to your professional growth?

I learned a ton while I was working there. Canvassing is actually a hard job - now I feel like I can be a great salesperson anywhere. I also learned more about myself and my own personal strengths and weaknesses. It was a great learning experience.
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Compared to its main competitors, is there an area where Clean Water Action stands out?

Clean Water Action really prepares their canvassers for any situation possible. I did feel a bit unsteady while being out in the field, but I knew that if I ever wanted to talk to somebody, I could. Plus, CWA is SUPER passionate about the issues they have been working on and have worked on in the...
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What did you like/dislike about being an intern/organizer at Clean Water Action?

I grew more passionate about the environment while I was working for CWA and it really helped me over come some of my introvert qualities, however the downside was the job can be stressful at times when people don't want to get involved.
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Any tips to prepare for an interview for a canvasser type of position at Clean Water Action?

Prepare your public speaking skills! Be friendly, energetic, and make EYE CONTACT. Sociability is stressed at Clean Water Action, as they want their employees to be able to comfortably talk to strangers and convince those strangers of the importance/need of donating to the organization. The inter...
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Just got an interview at Clean Water Action for an Organizer position. Any help is super welcome!

Make sure to read their website and things they are working on. Search them up on google news too. You might glean some info about potential projects you'd be doing and be able to bring that up during the interview. Always have questions for them prepared as well.
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What's a typical day as a Canvasser at Clean Water Action like?

Typically you work from 2PM to 10PM in DC. You knock doors until about 8 or 9PM with another canvasser on each cut of "turf" every day and you commute with group of 6-8 canvassers to any given neighborhood. You can talk with your partner to stay motivated and to see what works with them. You are ...
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How much work-life balance do interns at Clean Water Action have?

The hours at clean water action are very tough in terms of work- life balance. Your day will consist of going in at or around 1:30, then driving to a specific neighborhood to canvass, then moving to lunch break, then canvassing for around four hours, and then the drive home will usually take arou...
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What's a day in the life of a Sustainability Advocate Intern at Clean Water Action like?

A typical day consists of arriving at the office at around 2PM (in the summer) for a debriefing with all the staff (20-30 people during the summer) in which neighborhoods are assigned and people eat their packed lunches. Afterwards canvassers are taken out in teams in CWA's vehicles and driven to...
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What is it like in a day in the life of a canvasser at Clean Water Action like?

-Show up to the office around 2:30pm. Have a meeting with the other canvassers and Field Manager for roughly an hour. Go over the numbers of the previous day, celebrate whomever did well, stretch, practice the "rap" (the speech we give to strangers), and warm up those friendly & smiley attitudes....
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What would you do to prepare for an interview for a Environmental Health & Justice Intern position at Clean Water Action?

Make sure you research their campaigns and the issues they are currently working on. On their website they have their publications, blog posts, and campaigns, so study up! 
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How do I prepare for an interview to be a Canvasser at Clean Water Action?

The important thing is to be friendly. Canvassers need to be personable and motivated, so know why you want to work for them and know about their issues. They were started primarily after the passage of the Clean Water Act, so their main focus is on how energy production and pollution affect the ...
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What does a Sustainability Advocate Intern at Clean Water Action actually do?

The internship is a canvassing position. For 5 hours a day (4pm-9pm) you have a section of a neighborhood that you go around and knock on the doors and talk to them about a current environmental issue in their area that the company is fighting for.
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