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City Year helps students and schools succeed, while preparing the next generation of civically engaged leaders who can work across lines of difference. Diverse teams of City Year AmeriCorps members provide support to students, classrooms and the whole school. Schools that partner with City Year are up to two to three times more likely to improve in English and math assessments, and the more time students spend with AmeriCorps members, the more they improve on social, emotional and academic skills— skills that help students thrive in school and contribute to their community. A proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network, City Year is supported by AmeriCorps, local school districts and private philanthropy. City Year partners with public schools in 29 communities across the U.S. and through international affiliates in the U.K. and South Africa. Learn more at or on Facebook, Tw it te r and LinkedIn.


AmeriCorps Member

August 2018 Sacramento, CA
“I enjoyed the opportunity to network, get real world experience that I can put on my resume, and get connected with people in a new community. This was my chance to see if I want to become a teacher, and now I know that I do not want to teach k-12, but rather higher education instead.”

Americorps Member

August 2017 - June 2018 Philadelphia, PA
“I enjoyed working with students and many of the fellow Americorps members.”
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Questions & Answers

How can I prepare to interview for a senior projects manager role, specifically to the executive director, at City Year?

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Can someone give me details on what it's like to be a senior projects manager for the executive director at City Year?

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If I were interested in becoming the senior projects manager to the executive director at City Year, what skills might help me in this position?

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